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Surgical Solutions

  1. Penile implants
    • Malleable implants
    • 2 piece inflatable implants
    • 3 piece inflatable implants
  2. Penile enlargement surgeries
    • Division of the penile suspensory ligament
    • Autologous fat injection
    • Excision of scortal web
    • Excision of suprapubic fat pad
    • Liposuction of suprapubic fat pad
  3. Testicular enlargement using testicular implants
  4. Surgical sperm retrieval
    • Microsurgical testicular sperm extraction (Micro TESE)
    • Testicular sperm aspiration(TESA)
    • Microsurgical epididymal sperm extraction (MESA)
    • Percutaneous epididymal sperm extraction (PESA)
  5. Surgical treatment for obstructive infertility
    • Microsurgical vaso-vasostomy
    • Microsurgical epididymo-vasostomy
  6. Penile curvature correction surgeries
    • Modified nesbit surgery
    • Incision and grafting (LUE procedure)
  7. Microsurgical varicocelectomy
  8. Microsurgical denervation for chronic scortal and testicular pain
  9. Epididemectomy for chronic epididymal pain
  10. Frenuloplasty
  11. Circumcision
  12. Revision of faulty circumcision
  13. Penile skin grafting
  14. Partial microsurgical penile denervation for premature ejaculation
  15. Penile venoligation
  16. Microsurgical vasectomy
  17. Microsurgical vasectomy reversal
  18. Hydrocelectomy
  19. Excision of epididymal cysts
  20. Excision of scortal cysts/lumps
  21. Excision of penile cysts/lumps
  22. Orchiectomy
  23. Testicular implants
  24. Repair of penile fracture
  25. Surgical management for priapism
  26. Testosterone implants
  27. Surgery for genital lymphoedema
  28. Orchidopexy
  29. Division of cremasteric muscle of retractile testes

Non Surgical Solutions & New Techniques

  1. Non surgical therapies for erectile dysfunction:
    • Intracavernosal injection
    • Transurethral gel
    • Vacuum pumps
  2. New non surgical therapies for erectile dysfunction:
    • Botox
    • Shockwave therapy (LESWT)
    • Platelet rich plasma (PRP)
  3. Penile rejuvenation
  4. Male antiaging
  5. Intralesional injection for Collagenase Clostridium Histolyticum (Xiapex, Xiaflex, TM) for Peyronie's disease
  6. Hyalarounic acid fillers HA for penile enlargement
  7. Hyaluronic acid fillers for premature ejaculation
  8. Electroejaculation for anejaculation
  9. Long acting intramuscular injection for male Hypogonadism
  10. Botox injection to treat scortal wrinkles
  11. Shockwave therapy (LESWT) for chronic prostatitis and chronic pelvic pain
  12. 8

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#EXPERIENCE: Dr. Raheem is one of a few specialts, worldwide, who solely specialize in Andrology and men's health. He has a 18 years of experience in this ultra specialised field and his expertise covers surgical, medical, hormonal and psychological aspects of men's health.

#KNOWLEDGE: In addition to his clinical work, Dr Rahim has authored numerous publications and book chapters, acted as reviewer for international medical journals. Furthermore, he supervises and trains junior doctors in and frequently presents at international medical congresses.

#TEAM: We choose our team wisely. We work with the most qualified nurses and doctors. We also have the best receptionists and customer care agents. This team uses the latest medical knowledge and technology to develop your personalised diagnostic and treatment plans.

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